In a bid to discover Nigeria’s best young spellers, develop healthy competitive skills as well as improve youth’s self esteem together with creating pride in academic achievement. TeamMasters Limited designed a Spelling Competition called TeamMasters National Spelling Bee which cuts across primary, junior and senior secondary school students in Nigeria.

The TeamMasters National Spelling Bee (formerly called Spelling Bee Nigeria) was first launched in October 24, 2008 and has since grown to be one of Africa’s Largest Schools’ Competition as participation has come from both Nigeria and neighbouring countries e.g. Ghana and Republic of Benin.

The National Competition has had 8 successful editions. Feedbacks and comments from participants, parents and schools have shown that the spelling bee competition has had a direct impact on student’s vocabulary and academic performance.

The National Competition features spellers across different states within Nigerian and Africa as they compete in a spelling challenge to emerge National Champion!


The Citywide Spellebration is simply a statewide event designed to bring together families and young adults across a particular state to celebrate spelling and literacy by engaging in series of fun activities. The event is a campaign for literacy and creates an opportunity for people who love to spell to display their spelling skills as well as people who can be inspired to acquire spelling skills.

It is a social gathering that is highly engaging with fun – packed activities that will be organized in different states across the country i.e. A Road Show seeking to promote spelling and family bonding.


This is a unique tournament competition that involves the participation of 32 leagues (schools) in a spelling challenge. Each participating school will present teams (3 spellers) to participate in the tournament until a winning team emerges.

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