Be Number one


Our craving for titles and being regarded in terms of positions when it comes to achievements is something that we don’t take for granted. Our up bring and nurturing has equally contributed to the reinforcement of going ahead of others to attain the position and feeling that comes with being NUMBER ONE.

So what does it mean to be Number One?


This question can only be answered correctly if we treat being number one from different perspectives;

Perspective #1: Being Number One from Definition and Description

An individual, organization, product, etc is referred to as Number One when dominance, prominence and preference is achieved ahead of others within the same space or benchmark. It could also mean to attain the reference of being the first to start or create something.

Perspective #2: Being Number One from Feelings and Fulfillment

imagesThis is more of an inner state of being and resolve to see the best as only option which becomes a driving force to emerge the best.

This dimension is quite a critical dimension because most individuals, organizations and teams are first Number One from the place of belief before translating it on the outside.

I would recommend that as individuals or organizations, we should watch our focus while on the journey to attaining market leadership with reference to positions. We ought to focus on the “being” much more that he “doing”.

I know this is definitely a bit of departure from the norm as practical by many. We tend to consider jumping out ahead believing that we have limited time to be positional Number One.

Yes, I certainly agree that we don’t have all the time in the world but we all are Number One in disguise. The position is good but the state of “being” is better.



Everything that is good and also posses value would always cost something. Being Number One would cost you three (3) major things…

  1. ASSOCIATION: You will need to gravitate towards the direction of individuals or associations that can nurse, inspire, stir and challenge the greatness inside you. Association comes with a price however, the benefits outweigh the cost. It would also cost you to disassociate with some individuals or groups.
  2. PRACTICE: Being the best would equally cost you practice; ability to repeat certain actions towards better understanding and mastery of the exact thing. Practice involves the indivudal’s attention and strength.
  3. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT: Training is quite different from practice. Being the best would require you seeking knowledge, getting informed and being equipped towards development in the line and direction of being the best.



Nothing would give so much pleasure to realize the impact, influence, income that follows individuals, organizations, projects, groups, etc who truly are the best.

Furthermore, it is better to know that you give your all towards being the best than not trying. We all must remember at the end of life, time and chance that we would either be regretting being the best or reflecting and rejoicing on being the best.



Thank You.