Categories of participation includes:

  1. Lower Category:This category is for pupils in primary 2 and 3. The youngest in this category would not be less than six years of age.
  2. Upper Primary Category:This category features pupils in Primary 4, 5 and 6.
  3. Junior Category:This category would involve students in junior secondary schools (i.e. JSS 1-3)
  4. Senior Category:This category is basically structured for senior secondary school students (i.e. SSS 1-3)


REGISTRATION PERIOD: This is the period interested schools and students will be allowed to register to participate in the competition.

COORDINATOR’S BRIEFING: All registered coordinators/parents will be briefed on the modalities and expectations of the edition. Also, all questions and enquiries concerning the edition would be addressed.

DISTRICT FINALS: All registered spellers will compete in their designated districts and all qualifiers will compete at the state level.

STATE FINALS: All qualifiers from the district level would compete at the state finals only the state qualifiers will compete at the nationals.

NATIONAL FINALS: This stage features top spellers across participating states within the country as they compete for championships.

TRANS-NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: This is the grand finale of the spelling contest. It would features top winners of the national competition as well as representatives from participating African Countries. There would also be presentation of prizes and awards.


The official Pronouncer, Judges and other Officials for the 9th Edition (at the Transnational Championship) will be unveiled soon.