Q: How do I enroll my school?

A: Pick up a registration form at our office or fill a form online. Make required registration fee and call any of our numbers for verification.

Q: How do I enroll my child?

A: Pick up a registration form at our office or fill a form online. Make required registration fee and call any of our numbers for verification.

Q: How can I sponsor a child?

A: You can sponsor a child from anywhere across the country to participate in the competition. It simply means you would be responsible for the speller’s registration fee. Also, you can chose to directly prepare the child for the contest (optional).

Q: What are the levels of this competition?

A: The levels/stages of the competition includes: District Stage (Lagos State), State Finals and National Finals. Awards, prices and certificates will be awarded to winners of each category.

Q: How many categories of participation are there?

A: There are four (4) categories of participation; Lower primary (Pry 1-3), Upper Primary (Pry 4-6), Junior Secondary (JS 1-3) and Senior Secondary (SS 1-3)

Q: What awaits winners that emerge?

A: There will be a Grand Prize and medals for the winners of the competition, Trophies for the winning schools and certificates to all participants. There will be publicity about the schools also on our website.

Q: Who can participate?

A: Participation is open to All individuals in primary, junior & senior secondary schools (both private & public) as long as they are within the age of 6 -17 years.

Q: Who can register?

A: There are three (3) categories of people who can register – Schools, Parents/Relative and Sponsors. Any of these categories can take up responsibility of registering a child to participate.

Q: How much is it to register?

A: Registration fee per child is N5,000 (Five Thousand Naira).

Q: How can my school participate in the competition?

A: To participate, your school is required to register each speller(s) representing the school by paying the registration for each speller and completing the online registration.

NB: Registration cannot be complete until the registration fee is paid and confirmation is made. There is NO limited number of students that can register from a school so the more the number of students, the higher your chances in the competition.

Q: what happen after registration?

A: Once payment is confirmed, study kits needed to prepare for the competition and information about the whole contest, programme schedule and guidelines will be made available for pick up by the appointed school coordinator for the competition.

Q: Can my child participate in the competition?

A: Of course, as a parent, you can register your child or you can sponsor a child or children to participate in the competition.

Q: Do you offer coaching service for the competition?

A: Yes we do. Kindly call 08094644634, 08033856800 for inquiries and details or send an email to info@spellingbeenigeria.com

Q: How does the District Stage work?

A:  The District stage is the first stage of the competition designed only for Lagos State due to the high number of registration. There will be elimination at this stage and only qualifiers would move to the next level i.e. the State Finals.

Q: How does the State Final work?

A:  The State Finals takes place across all participating states in the competition. All state finalists will qualify to participate at the National Level.

Q: How does the National final work?

A:  The National final is the peak of the competition where state finalists will compete vigorously for championship. Only one winner will emerge for each category.